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 Esret Armagan, The Blind Painter

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PostSubject: Esret Armagan, The Blind Painter   Mon Aug 04, 2008 7:23 am

Esret Armagan,
the blind painter ...
This guy is something else...
He's blind ... and he paints.

He uses a special rubberised tablet, called a "Sewell raised line drawing kit". This device allows him to draw lines that rise off his paper as tiny puckers, so that he can detect them with his fingertips. And so he draws the road and the poles: one hand holding the pencil, the other tracing along behind, like surrogate eyes, "observing" the image as it is being laid down. A minute or so later, the picture is done. Pascual-Leone and Amedi shake their heads in wonder.

So, we ask, how do you know how long these poles should be as they recede? I was taught, he says. Not by any formal teacher, but by casual comments by friends and acquaintances. How do you know about shadows? He learned that too. He confides that for a long time he figured that if an object was red, its shadow would be red too. "But I was told it wasn't," he says. But how do you know about red? He knows that there's an important visual quality to seen objects called "colour" and that it varies from object to object. He's memorised what has what colour and even which ones clash.

Now after reading that, i thought to myself ... hey, perhaps its all memory work ...
a blind man who's never seen anything before, painting might impressive , but not incredible ..

Thats what i thought ,
not until i started doodling afterwards,
and played with perspective and proportion and composition and all the basics of drawing, that i realise that for a man who has NEVER seen anything before,
what he does IS incredible.
To translate the 3D into 2D shows understanding of the 3D world that even your average joe with eyes cant comprehend and some painters i've met are struggling with.

This form of translation and understanding was once thought reserved only for those with working eyes ..

and thats when i went back to watch the Discovery Channel video.

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PostSubject: Re: Esret Armagan, The Blind Painter   Mon Aug 04, 2008 10:01 am

I saw this! Yes, the point about converging points of perspective is amazing, because we can't 'see' that. Pretty much the same as we can't actually see 'straight' lines. We only know they're straight because of measurements - this is very evident in 4 point perspective.

I was like you at first; I didn't think him so remarkable... until I took all factors into account.

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Esret Armagan, The Blind Painter
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